Atlantic® is very well suited for different forcing cultures. The standard cultures of potting and sprouting hyacinths, but it is also extremely well suited for the cut flower culture. Atlantic® is very well suited for very early and late blooming as well.

Planting date
# of weeks in cooling (at 9ºC or 48ºF)
Beginning of September 9
± 15 September 9
± 15 October 9
Ca 15 november
± 15 November 8

Advice for greenhouse forcing
Temperature for the greenhouse to be kept at: for the first three periods (23 to 26ºC (or 73 to 79ºF). For the subsequent periods the temperature can be reduced to from 19 to 22ºC (or 66 to 72ºF).

Atlantic® as cut flowers
Cut flowers should become taller then the potted variety. In order to obtain the extra length one needs a longer cold period.

Planting date
# of weeks in cooling (at 9ºC or 48ºF)
± 15 September 12
± 15 October 11
± 15 November
± 15 December 10

Atlantic® as cut flower needs a greenhouse temperature between 18 and 20ºC or 64 to 68ºF)

The growers of Atlantic® are united in the Breeders’ Organization Atlantic, address: P.O. Box 6 2160AA Lisse, The Netherlands.

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